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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NIm's Island Film - update

Yes, it's official - the Nim's Island film has got its green light, and will be starring Jodie Foster as Alex and Abigail Bresline as Nim.

It's been an interesting time - I had a whirlwind visit to LA in January, catching up with the producer and studio executives, meeting the directors and hearing that these actors might be interested. Then it's been a wait, with fingers crossed, as it looked more and more like it was going to happen. How fabulous to have it all confirmed now! And how amazing to see it on the front page of Variety... not something I'd ever expected in my career as a children's author.

Now the journey continues...

But I wonder who's going to play Jack?


Anonymous Naoma said...

I loved the book and I am So happy that Gerard has been cast for a part in the movie! OBTW there are MANY fansites for Gerry. We even hold conventions in his name and raise money for cancer ect. I belong to the one called. GALS Come take a look!

5:33 PM  

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