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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nim at Sea: The book to film journey continues

Book to Film: the journey continues with Nim at Sea

US edition
Nim at Sea, the sequel to Nim's Island, was published exactly five years ago. I dedicated it to Paula Mazur – not because she was the producer of the Nim's island film, or even because of the strong friendship that had grown  during the four years since she first contacted me about the film rights for Nim's Island, but because of her belief in Nim. From our first conversations, back in July 2003, I knew that she understood and cared about Nim just as deeply as I did.
Australian edition

With wonderful serendipity, the Nim's Island film went into preproduction, at the Warner Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, just as Nim at Sea was published, and Paula and I were both very excited that she was going to be able to launch it for me, at Riverbend Books in Brisbane. (In the end she was stuck out at sea on the evening of the launch, but that's another story.)
on location in the rain forest, for Nim's Island 

A couple of months later, we were on location watching Nim (Abigail Breslin) run down a mountain with her lizard Fred on her shoulder. Over and over, as Fred kept crawling around her neck to her left shoulder - which was in the sun - and the camera needed him to be on the right shoulder so Abbie could speak to him.

Rainforest for Nim's Island

Even the imperfect takes were wonderful: they were all so essentially Nim. Paula and I looked at each other and could not stop grinning. All those years of planning – and now it was real. "Now we've got to start planning Nim at Sea!" Paula said.

And this week, the production office opened. The film based on Nim at Sea is in official preproduction, with Bindi Irwin to star as Nim. The film will be called Nim's Island II: Return of the Pirates.

The adventure continues... and not just for Nim!
UK edition

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nim's Island by Wendy Orr Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

Nim's Island by Wendy Orr Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Be Like Nim from Nim's Island - wikiHow

How to Be Like Nim from Nim's Island - wikiHow

Some good advice here from wikiHow! 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. As long as your comfy and able to move around, you don't need anything else for clothes.
  2. (I like that: And though the article comments on her being pretty, I'm glad it wasn't part of the advice. I don't think Nim fusses much at all about her looks.)
  3. 2
    Have a telescope. If you don't have one, or can't get one, then it's ok.
  4. 3
    Climb trees to get a better look at things. If you're afraid of heights, then be a bit sneaky too.
  5. 4
    Don't be afraid to go outside bare-foot. The world is open to you, and if you get a thorn in your foot, don't panic, it's just a thorn.
  6. 5
    Be daring. If you're told to go to do something, don't get scared and say,"NO!" Try it, if it's too hard, then you can stop.
  7. 6
    Let your back/front yard be your island. Take care of it and nurture it.
  8. 7
    Don't be what others want you to be. Be yourself.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Nim's Island projects

Munchkins: Nim's Island

Great project with wonderful letters and drawings:

.... We also imagined that we were Nim's Dad, who is shipwrecked, and wrote a letter from him to her.

to see the whole project and more drawings, go to

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Princess and Her Panther Review

Monday Children’s Book Reviews for November 22 | Union City Library Blog

Just spotted, this nice little review:

The Princess and Her Panther by Wendy Orr

“Imagination is at the heart of this book as two sisters set out to camp in their backyard. Their red tent becomes a royal shelter, the wading pool a lake, and the sandbox is the desert they toil across. The princess is stalwart, but her little sister, the panther, is unnerved when night falls. After one too many scares by neighborhood animals, the girls do not predictably retreat into the safety of the house but, instead, stand up to the night and are brave—both of them. The final spread shows that all is well in the tent, with a bright moon shining and the sisters contentedly asleep.”

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nims Island set build timelapse on Vimeo

Nims Island set build timelapse on Vimeo

I'm going to stick to writing books. Creating Nim's island and home in words was much easier than this! But fascinating to see this timelapse of the set being built.

Nim's Island Animal Jukebox

Nim's Island Animal Jukebox

This is quite fun - you can play or record a piece of music using different sounds from animals from Nim's Island.

(And I'm ignoring the fact that the caption writer didn't know that Nim is a girl.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Star Readers Review Nim's Island

Star Readers from Glenmore Park Public School - Local News - News - General - Penrith Star:

I love reading what kids have to say about my books. Here's a very well written review from Georgia in Yr 6:

"Nim’s Island is a fresh change from the usual children stories.

After her mother dies, Nim and her Father Jack sail around the world twice and discover a small deserted island. They make their home under a dormant volcano and Nim’s best friends on the island are a seal lion name Selkie, a marine iguana called Fred and a turtle named Chica."

She ends the very informative review with words to make any author smile:

"From the moment I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down. Anyone from 10 to 100 with a sense of adventure would love this book. I highly recommend it.
10/10 from me. Keep an eye out for NIM AY SEA if you loved this story"