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Saturday, July 26, 2008

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I know Nim at Sea needs its own page, but the book pages on my website should be up soon, so this will have to do for now.

Here's a review from those wonderful bloggers at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

In these further adventures of the fearless Nim, Selkie the sea lion is kidnapped and Nim eventually stows away (but not on purpose) on the cruise ship that took her, all for the goal of rescuing her beloved sea lion and bringing her adventure-writing friend, Alex, back to the island. After finally making it to New York City, she realizes she might be on an island but not one like any she’s ever experienced before.

Orr can keep writing these exciting fantasy tales as long as she’d like; I think children will keep lining up to read them. As School Library Journal wrote about the first Nim-adventure, “children will love this unshakable, strong female character and the zany things that happen to her. They’ll also enjoy the way adults seem to bungle everything.”

To read the whole review:

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast � Blog Archive � EarlyEmergingBeginningInterChapterMediateReaders


Nim's Island Free Unit Study

This is a fantastic, very thorough teaching resource, with many links for further study. Huge thanks to Laura for preparing this, and allowing me to share it with readers.

Also congratulations - this won a People's Choice Award.

Nim's Island Free Unit Study


HowStuffWorks "Inside "Nim's Island""

This is a great article on the making of the movie, with interviews with Paula Mazur, Mark Levin &Jennifer Flackett, Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler & Abigail Breslin.
HowStuffWorks "Inside "Nim's Island""

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nim's Island for Girl Scouts

I've just finished a webchat with some of the Girl Scouts of North East New York who've completed their Nim's Island patch, and promised them some pictures. I've had to split them into two posts:

So, here's me as a Brownie, which is when I first started writing a story about a little girl on an island:

With the producer Paula Mazur, at the studio

With Abigail Breslin & Kerry Millard, the book's illustrator

with Friday, who played Selkie

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Pictures for the Girl Scouts

I've put these in the wrong order, so they start with the party after the Hollywood premiere, and go back to the Australian premier! But they are:

Talking to Gerard Butler (who played Jack and the Alex Rover hero) after the premier.

With my husband Tom before the Red Carpet (actually it was blue - for the ocean!) at the Hollywood Graumann's Chinese Theatre.

My son and daughter at the start of the Red Carpet. Don't they look great!

Jodie Foster and Leah, who played Galileo, on the Australian Red Carpet.

Jodie Foster & me on the Australian Red Carpet.