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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Abigail Breslin is Nim

It's all a bit surreal! I watched Little Miss Sunshine on the plane to LA in December - purely because my daughter had loved it ... and now I'm able to say that Abigail Breslin is going to play Nim in the film. She's a wonderful actor; I loved the film, and I loved her in it. I'm so glad I saw it and thought that before I heard that she was interested in being Nim.

Of course I haven't forgotten that there are lots of other Nim fans who'd have loved to be Nim too. I've talked about dreams before – if you're ever going to do things, you have to dream them first. Some of them won't come true, but the more you dream of different things you can do, the more ways you'll have of looking at the world, and in the end, you'll find your way to where you want to go. Maybe it won't be the first place you thought of, but you've got to give it a try to see where you end up.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Elizabeth, in Grade 4

Sorry Elizabeth, in Grade 4 - and anyone else who's sent in genuine comments that I haven't answered - I have managed to miss them, and tonight when I tried to answer Elizabeth's, I somehow deleted it instead!

So if you're reading this - I'm very glad you enjoyed the book!

And I'll try to do better with the postings on this new blogger...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NIm's Island Film - update

Yes, it's official - the Nim's Island film has got its green light, and will be starring Jodie Foster as Alex and Abigail Bresline as Nim.

It's been an interesting time - I had a whirlwind visit to LA in January, catching up with the producer and studio executives, meeting the directors and hearing that these actors might be interested. Then it's been a wait, with fingers crossed, as it looked more and more like it was going to happen. How fabulous to have it all confirmed now! And how amazing to see it on the front page of Variety... not something I'd ever expected in my career as a children's author.

Now the journey continues...

But I wonder who's going to play Jack?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 - Foster, Breslin circle 'Island' - Foster, Breslin circle 'Island'