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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Over to You!

Now that the competition is over, why don't we make this into a more interactive blog? Share your ideas about the Nim games you like to play, or if you're a teacher, how you use Nim in the classroom. Ask me questions about the book or share your thoughts; scan a drawing you've done... whatever it is, I'd like to see it.

I've also had letters from mothers in Mother-Daughter bookgroups doing Nim. Sometimes they dress in 'island clothes', serve a fresh coconut... one group had a dad phone mysteriously from his cell phone, as if he were Jack, lost at sea!

REMEMBER: don't ever put your address on a letter or drawing for a blog - just use your first name.

Now, let's see what happens!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


It was a tough job for Paula Mazur to choose the best from so many good letters from around the globe:
Australia, Canada, Philippines, Spain and USA!

However, she's made her decision, and the winners are:(alphabetically)

Eneritz from the Basque Country, Spain
Hannah from Florida, USA
Nicole, from Victoria, Australia
Sarah, from Victoria, Australia

and the adult winner: Nim - soon to be Nim Strong, from Australia (yes, truly.)

Honourable Mentions were awarded to:

Hannah from the Phillipines
Holly from Florida, USA
Melanie, from California, USA
Paige, from NV, USA
Tammy, from Australia

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! We appreciated every single letter, even those that didn't win. And even though the competition is over, we're still happy to read any letters about your thoughts about the book -post them on this blog or email me through my website: