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Sunday, May 27, 2007

fantastic fansites

I've put in links to some great fansites for the Nim's Island stars - check them out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Wendy, for keeping us updated on the movie's progress. I'm a big Gerard Butler fan and excited about him being in the movie. Because of that I've read the book and enjoyed it very much even though I'm 20 years older than the age group it is aimed for.
Another good website dedicated to Gerard Butler is

Ina from Ohio, USA

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Hi Wendy,

I hope we will have lots of wonderful updates from you as the movie progresses and i shall enjoy reading your book. With Gerard Butler on board, you may get a wee bit innundated with enthusiastic posts from ladies/girls everywher around the world, but you will not find genuinely nicer and more giving fans anywhere, Gerard is the best and he attracts the best. Enjoy this special Nim's Island journey with us.

Regards Rose

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled across this website while looking for information on Nim's Island. My son, one of many I am sure, auditioned for the role of Huck Finn. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be part of this project. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime. All the best!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Good luck! What a compliment and opportunity for him and everyone else auditioning, no matter who ultimately gets the role.

I was thinking this morning about all the people, like your son, waiting to audition, and the links this film is making...


8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter auditioned for Alice. We have EVERYTHING crossed. A great book that would make a magical film.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Frannie said...

Hi Wendy,

This is such a great site and I'm so glad to have this opportunity to tell you how excited I am about this film! I too am a BIG fan of Gerard Butler and am a member of Gals! You'll find that we all appreciate his awesome acting ability. And to be in the same film with Jodi and Abigale...well I guess you have a winner here. I am about to read your book and know I will enjoy it! Thanks for taking the time that you do keeping us somewhat up to date.

7:41 PM  

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