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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Green Family Movie Night | Peachy Green

I love seeing how innovative some parents are. This family used the Nim's Island dvd to have a 'green family movie night.'

"My girls are more than enthusiastic when it comes to caring for our planet. They actively recycle, (my oldest watches over everyone to be sure they are doing what they should) and they get excited when they spot solar panels on traffic signs or charging the small info stations at the local zoo.

The movie Nim’s Island brought similar excitement home to our family room. We purchased the DVD for the promise of funny animals and adventure and discovered it to be a perfect film for a green family movie night!

Never hosted a green family movie night? Neither had I until this movie came along! Family nights are important for so many reasons. Basing your family night activities around caring for the planet adds a whole new layer to the fun and has many possibilities regardless of your children’s age.

My daughter screamed at the TV when she spotted wind turbines and solar panels in the movie Nim’s Island. Yeah, we get just a little excited over these things at out our house, but the movie brought up a lot of questions for my young daughter. We were amazed when 11-year-old Nim repaired their solar panels after a storm and how Nim’s dad used a wind turbine on his boat to power up his laptop! It’s a great way for kids to see solar power and wind energy in use and all around great entertainment!"

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